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 Q.- What is the smallest tow vehicle that I can use to tow the EcoTrek 510?
A-  The EcoTrek 510 is very lightweight, tipping the scales at only 1100 pounds empty.  Any vehicle with a towing specification with at least 1100 pound capacity will be able to tow the EcoTrek 510.
Q- What type of hitch do I need?
A-  A class 1, 2 or 3 hitch  will work with a 2" ball. If the optional Lock N Roll 3 axis off road hitch is
purchased, the camper will be equipped with the entire hitch and a Class 3 hitch must be used.

Q- What is the construction material of the campers?
A-  The frame and skeleton is constructed of 6063-T6 tubular aluminum that is Mig welded. The interior and exterior are
covered with ACM, aluminum composite material, which consists of 2 sheets of aluminum continuosly bound to a
polyethylene core. ACM is known for its flexibility, durability, strength and lightweight. This means that your
EcoTrek 510 will never rust or rot.

Q- Do you offer sinks in your campers?
A-  Here at EcoTrek Camper, we believe that simple is better. By not having a problematic water system,
which adds weight to the camper and is prone to leaking, we chose to make our campers "dry". That maximizes the counter space for food preparation in the galley of the EcoTrek 510.

Q- What kind of suspension is used on the EcoTrek 510?
A-  We use the Timbren axle-less off road suspension. It allows for an incredibly smooth and quiet ride.  A secondary spring acts as a re-bound spring. This means there is always tension on the suspension, eliminating rattles and bounce.  It also offers a true independent suspension and creates plenty of ground clearance for the trails. The Timbren axle-less suspension was the winner of the 2011 SEMA Best New Off Road Product of the Year.
Q- What type of trailer plug do I need to hook up to an EcoTrek 510?
A-  We use a round 7 spade electrical trailer plug on all of our EcoTrek 510 campers.
Q- Can your campers be hooked to a generator?
A- Yes. Many small, quiet generators are on the market today that are suitable to power the EcoTrek 510 if you need to be running off the grid or if shore power is unavailable.
Q- Can I get trailer brakes on the EcoTrek 510?
A-  Yes. Trailer brakes can be installed on the EcoTrek 510 as an option.
Q- Can I upgrade to an AGM battery?
A-  Yes. We offer AGM batteries as an option. Actually, AGM batteries are recommended for serious off road use.
Q- Can I have my choice of camo patterns?
A-  Yes. Your options are: Desert Classic, Grassland, Marshland, Snowstorm and Woodland Ghost.  For more information click here.
Q- Can a rooftop tent be mounted on the EcoTrek 510?
A-  Yes. With the optional roof rack, we can mount the optional TEPUI Kukenam roof top tent for you.
Q- Are your campers insulated?
A- Yes. The floor, ceiling and walls are fully insulated in the EcoTrek 510. By using the standard 3 speed forward and reverse roof fan, your camper will stay remarkable cool in the summer. In the winter months, a small owner supplied electric ceramic heater will keep the sleeping quarters quite warm.

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